A History of Success in the Midland Basin

Endeavor Energy Resources, LP (“Endeavor”) is a private exploration and production company with a highly strategic and desired asset base.  The land assets that have been acquired over Endeavor’s history would be extremely difficult to duplicate in today’s market. Endeavor’s focus is to develop its core assets by incorporating industry leading drilling and completion techniques. This strategy requires a systematic approach that relies on the proven strength and capability of Endeavor’s employees and management.

In 1979, Autry C. Stephens formed a sole proprietorship and drilled his first well, the McClintic B-30 #2, in the Spraberry Field of Midland County.  The success of this well set the trajectory forward for Mr. Stephens’s new venture, and continues to be producing well to this day.  With a strong focus on acquiring assets and drilling vertical wells Mr. Stephens’s proprietorship grew into the substantial holdings Endeavor enjoys today.

In 2000, Autry C Stephen’s incorporated his sole proprietorship into Endeavor Energy Resources, LP. Over the years, Mr. Stephens continued focus on acquisitions led to the purchase and integration of multiple service companies.  The Endeavor Energy Services group is a valuable collection of companies that provide steady access to services and stable pricing for the Endeavor Exploration and Production Company.

In 2016 Autry C Stephen’s appointed Chuck Meloy as Endeavor’s Chief Executive Officer to continue his vision and growth for Endeavor.  Since joining Endeavor Mr. Meloy has refocused the company from a predominately vertical driller to a leading horizontal driller. Endeavor now has 1,200 employees and is one of the largest private employers in the Permian Basin.