Endeavor Awarded Employer of the Year by Petroleum Accountants Society of the Permian Basin

Endeavor Awarded Employer of the Year by Petroleum Accountants Society of the Permian Basin

16:37 19 May in News

At their May luncheon, the Petroleum Accountants Society of the Permian Basin (PASPB) honored Endeavor with the PASPB 2021-22 Employer of the Year Award. The PASPB Board of Directors vote annually to select a company for this distinction. Judging criteria for the award includes 1) the number of company employees who participate in PASPB, 2) the level of involvement in and attendance at PASPB events, and 3) representation in PASPB board and committee chairs.

The EER Accounting team has been instrumental in furthering the PASPB mission and strengthening the organization. Endeavor boasted employee participation accounting for about one-third of the total membership. The EER team also regularly attends monthly PASPB luncheons and supports the society’s events, such as PASPB’s Education Day. Finally, many Endeavor team members have been elected as PASPB officers, including Elizabeth Leyva-Pacheco, Matthew Hayward, Leslie Parra, Lacey Warren, and Nancy Zheng.

In addition to encouraging PASPB membership, Endeavor leadership has provided notable support to the society. Endeavor generously provided the facilities to hold the Board and Committee luncheon meetings at EER’s downtown location. For EER employees seeking additional accounting knowledge and insight, EER leadership approved covering their attendance costs for PASPB’s Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 Education Days.

This April, Endeavor CEO Lance Robertson graciously delivered a dedicated presentation to PASPB. PASPB President Elizabeth Leyva-Pacheco (EER Revenue Accountant) stated, “Having our own CEO take the time to speak at one of our luncheons is huge. It means so much to the PASPB organization to have that level of involvement from a company. I’m thrilled that Endeavor was selected to receive the Employer of the Year award! It is a well-deserved honor for the incredible dedication Endeavor has shown to PASPB this year.”

About PASPB:
PASPB has a membership of 120+ accounting professionals representing more than 40 companies. They regularly hold meetings and educational opportunities for members. To learn more, visit www.paspb.com.