Endeavor Cleans Keep Midland Beautiful Adopt-A-Spot

Endeavor Cleans Keep Midland Beautiful Adopt-A-Spot

17:32 07 May in Community

Each quarter, our employees rally together to clean up our eight acre Keep Midland Beautiful Adopt-A-Spot. Most recently, we picked up 12 contractor bags of trash in just two hours. Endeavor is proud to support Keep Midland Beautiful with their efforts to support educating and engaging Midlanders in litter prevention, beautification, recycling and waste management, and local school recycling.Together, we aim to educate and inspire our community to take action to create a clean, beautiful and waste-free Midland.

Endeavor has been a wonderful partner to us for several years, and we are so very grateful. Thank you for supporting our mission monetarily and with volunteers through the Adopt-A-Spot program. The Board of Directors of Keep Midland Beautiful and I truly treasure our partnership with EER.” – Doreen Womack, Executive Director


To learn more about how Endeavor and Keep Midland Beautiful are working together to instill the life-long habit of recycling in kids from an early age, visit their website. Feeling inspired to adopt a spot with your company, family, neighbors or friends? Join us in keeping Midland beautiful by visiting their website to secure an adoptable spot now.

Erin Vito