Endeavor Sponsors Be The Change Permian Basin to Advocate for Local Youth

Endeavor Sponsors Be The Change Permian Basin to Advocate for Local Youth

13:57 21 May in Community

Serving thousands of teens in the Midland community since 2013, Endeavor contributes additional funding to Be The Change (BTC) Permian Basin. BTC is a non-profit organization committed to bringing healing, hope and connection to youth through powerful and impactful initiatives. Their extensive programming for high schoolers encourages healthy social and emotional development by creating a safe space for them and providing ice breaker activities and in-depth discussions.

“Our program wouldn’t have the impact without companies like Endeavor supporting our cause year after year and finding new ways to reach our youth,” said Sandra Candia, founder & chairman of BTC Permian Basin’s board. “The challenges that many Permian Basin families faced this past year resulted in many teens experiencing increased feelings of isolation, loneliness, fear, anxiety and depression.”


With Endeavor’s support, BTC’s programs have been incorporated into the curriculum at multiple schools to reach as many teens as possible. In addition, BTC’s clay shoot raised $28,042, which will allow the nonprofit to serve hundreds more children in our community.

Endeavor is a long-time partner of BTC Permian Basin, previously serving as the title sponsor of their annual Texas Warrior Mudout event. Each year, we look forward to supporting BTC and their efforts of championing local youth toward long-term success.