Endeavor Supports Oil Patch Kids’ Casino Night

Endeavor Supports Oil Patch Kids’ Casino Night

18:21 25 February in Community

Endeavor is a longtime supporter of Oil Patch Kids, a local nonprofit organization that serves children who are victims of abuse, neglect or poverty in the West Texas community. Each year, the company sponsors the organization’s annual Casino Night fundraising event, which features dinner, cocktails, and casino games.

“This event is one we look forward to every year for many reasons,” said Susan McHughes, training and development manager for Endeavor. “The dinner and casino games are incredible, but the lasting impact we have on these kids’ lives through events like this is so important. We’re honored to play a part in shaping their futures for the better.”


The goal of Casino Night, as well as other events hosted by Oil Patch Kids, is to change the lives of children who are at-risk in the community by giving hope with financial support and opportunities. Endeavor is proud to have many employees involved with this organization.

Over $2 million has been raised since Oil Patch Kids’ founding in 1994 to champion thousands of at-risk youths alongside 36 community partners. Some of these children have been removed from their homes due to abuse and neglect, while others may come from single parent and low-income families. Through the funds raised, these adolescents are provided with necessities and opportunities for hope, change, and a brighter future.

Endeavor looks forward to its continued support for this event each year. For additional information about Oil Patch Kids or Casino Night, visit their website.