Building a Better Tomorrow

Building a Better Tomorrow

14:19 08 October in Uncategorized

Endeavor completed another successful Habitat service project! This was a collaborative effort that brought together the incredible talents and dedication of EER employees.

Together, we made a significant impact on our community by contributing to the construction of two Midland Habitat for Humanity homes on Bunche Street. Our team lent a helping hand and engaged in a variety of tasks, including raising walls and roof trusses, installing siding, windows, and doors, caulking, laying flooring, and general cleanup. We also served in the warehouse, building walls for future homes, and in the ReStore, Habitat’s secondhand retail store.

“We began our relationship with Endeavor a few years ago, and I knew from the start that it would be something truly special. At Habitat, we often talk about the ‘Habitat triple crown,’ which comprises land, money, and volunteers—essential elements for our work. Endeavor is one of only two local companies that have successfully contributed to all three aspects. They generously provided us with a sizable tract of land, committed financial support year after year to aid in building houses, and, over the past few years, brought 5-600 volunteers annually to our build site. This is a remarkable and invaluable contribution,” stated Joey Hopkins, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity


While making an impact together, we also reinforce the values of teamwork and community service that define our company culture. Thank you to the Habitat team for providing us with the opportunity to serve.

See our exciting recap video below!