Midland Basin

The Midland Basin consists of Martin, Howard, Midland, Glasscock, Upton, and Reagan counties. These Core 6 counties are the center of focus for Endeavor’s horizontal drilling operations.

Once thought to be uneconomic properties, these counties are now the foundation for the Permian Basin’s oil inventory with some of the lowest breakeven economics across the U.S. shale patch.

With an asset position of ~470,000 Net Acres across multiple basins, inclusive of 344,000 Net Acres in the Core 6 Midland Basin counties, Endeavor is poised for growth as it executes its horizontal drilling program.

*Based on 2-stream production reporting. Natural gas converted to oil on a 6:1 conversion ratio.

Endeavor’s operations are focused on developing the following Core 6 Midland Basin assets:

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Vertically integrated by means of dedicated service companies, Endeavor has unique access to resources at competitive costs.

The company’s Energy Services division provides roustabout, vehicle maintenance, and well services.