Endeavor is currently the only privately-held company to serve as a member of the Permian Strategic Partnership (PSP), a coalition of 20 leading Permian Basin energy companies that have joined forces to support projects that positively impact five critical areas – education, healthcare, housing, roads, and workforce development.

This commitment includes a $10 million investment and many employees serving on various committees to support one goal – making our Permian Basin community stronger.

Learn more about the PSP’s regional impact in their 2022 Annual Report.

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  • Public Education

Through our many partnerships with Permian Strategic Partnership, Endeavor is committed to advancing the quality of public education in our community.

We recognize that many of our local students will join the Permian Basin workforce, and it’s imperative to join together to provide a quality education that readies them for success.

Midland College Pre-K Academy & Centers for Teaching Excellence

EER supported a $10M contribution to expand Midland College’s (MC) Pre-K Academy and construct an academic center for the new Bachelor of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education program. This initiative addresses two areas of great need in the Midland-Odessa region – early childhood teacher preparation and high-quality education.

Learn more about this exciting addition to Midland education here.

IDEA Schools

Permian Strategic Partnership coordinated with local philanthropy to fund IDEA public charter schools to support the continued education and development of students in the community. Endeavor is honored to contribute to efforts like these and donated $16.5 million to open a total of 14 schools at 7 sites in Midland and Odessa by the 2024-25 school year.

To learn more about IDEA public charter schools and its supporters, click here.

National Board Certification

Permian Strategic Partnership (PSP) and Endeavor are uniting to champion the teachers that serve our students and encourage them to complete the National Board training and certification process. PSP is actively working with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards to create professional networks in Southeast New Mexico and Ector County, TX, benefitting teachers and students alike.

For more on this education initiative, click here.


A nearly $3 million initiative, UTEACH prepares future math and science teachers in the Permian Basin through STEM teaching degrees and certifications through University of Texas Permian Basin (UTPB). Endeavor partnered with Permian Strategic Partnership to donate to this program that impacts our community’s future in a big way – attracting local students who may not have decided to become teachers yet and providing them with tuition-free courses needed to secure a job the field.

To learn more about UTEACH, click here.

Broadband | Starlink

As in-person classes halted and quickly shifted online, schools found that educating students in a healthy way without broadband in their home was nearly impossible. To overcome this challenge, Permian Strategic Partnership (PSP) identified and pursued solutions to increase broadband access to 135 families in Ector County who otherwise would not have had access. To continue ensuring every student has reliable internet access, Endeavor partnered with PSP to provide $100,000 to help fund this cause.

For more on Starlink and Ector County Independent School District, click here.

New Mexico Grant

Through Endeavor’s donation and the Permian Strategic Partnership’s (PSP) collaboration with the JF Maddox Foundation and The Grants Collective and Community Development Consulting Associates, Lea and Eddy counties in New Mexico will be provided with professional grant writing, management and training expertise to local governments, school districts and nonprofits to enable them to successfully compete for state, federal and private grant programs.

To learn more, click here.

Texas Rural Grants

In an effort to provide professional grant writing, management and training expertise to local governments, school districts and non-profits in rural West Texas counties, Permian Strategic Partnership (PSP) granted $250,000 with assistance from Endeavor. This initiative provides assistance for 14 rural Texas counties, strengthening their ability to successfully compete for state, federal and private grant programs.

For more information about these local grants, click here.


Children are the future of the Permian Basin and investing in their education while working to improve education outcomes are initiatives Endeavor is pleased to support. For schools today, technology is a necessity rather than a luxury. That’s why we’re teaming with the Permian Strategic Partnership (PSP) and Edlink18, a technology consortium that provides internet access, email, and videoconferencing services to K-12 students, educators, and entities throughout Region 18 Education Service Center, to provide broadband access for more than 33,000 students and help them stay connected with their school during the pandemic and beyond.

To learn more about Edlink18, click here.

  • Health Care

With a rising population and not enough providers to meet demand, quality healthcare in the Permian Basin faces a unique set of challenges.

Endeavor is contributing to the expansion of access to medical professionals and reliable healthcare in the area through Permian Strategic Partnership initiatives.

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Advanced Healthcare Training Program

Focusing on providing advanced medical care to Permian Basin residents, the PSP granted $12.8M to Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) to establish advanced healthcare training programs in the Permian Basin to support the local shortage of advanced care practitioners. This TTUHSC initiative is targeting additions of surgery residents, cardiologist fellows, and gastroenterology fellows between 2023 and 2025.

Read more about this project here.

Permian Basin Counseling and Guidance

Permian Strategic Partnership (PSP) partnered with West Texas Counseling & Guidance to expand behavioral health services in the Permian Basin. With the suicide rate over 50 percent higher than the national average in the area and increased fallout from COVID-19, Endeavor contributed to the $3 million donation to provide counseling and support in Lea and Eddy counties in New Mexico and Howard County in Texas.

To learn more about this important cause, click here.

Odessa College Nursing and Medical Specialty Expansion

Endeavor is honored to support the Permian Strategic Partnership’s (PSP) recent donation in collaboration with the Permian Road Safety Coalition. Geared towards expanding the nursing program at Odessa College, the effort includes a new Health Sciences building, which includes a state-of-the-art simulation hospital for enhanced training opportunities. The 83,000 square foot building will allow for more students to enroll in the School of Health Sciences programs, with an estimated 64 percent increase in graduates.

To learn more about the new Health Sciences building at Odessa College, click here.

Texas Tech Family Medicine Residency

By backing the PSP’s nearly $6 million investment to expand Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine’s Family and Community Medicine Rural Residency Program, Endeavor was honored to support the Permian Strategic Partnership (PSP) and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center’s new partnership that provides necessary funding to grow the program and provide more accessible medical care to residents. We’re proud to play a part in supporting one of the top healthcare institutions in the nation and bringing over 20 new family medicine residents to the Permian Basin in the next three years.

For more information on this initiative, click here.

Texas Tech Physician Assistant Expansion

Together with the Permian Strategic Partnership (PSP) and other donors, Endeavor is helping to bring more PAs to the Permian Basin through funding to support the $30 million expansion of Texas Tech University’s Master of Physician Assistant Studies program. Benefits of this partnership include a new facility for students, increases PA class size and more. PSP’s total donation of $2.5 million will go towards expanding Midland teaching and lab facilities, increasing student capacity, rotating students among rural Permian hospitals and encouraging Permian medical careers.

Read more on how the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center is expanding healthcare access here.

Healthcare Assessment

Access to healthcare is essential and while the Permian Basin is home to many outstanding doctors and hospitals, there is still a need for many more. To help fill the gap, Endeavor has donated to Permian Strategic Partnership’s $85,000 donation to fuel efforts to continue developing an understanding of healthcare resources and needs in the region. Together, we’re helping to expand healthcare access across the Permian Basin and investing in the future.

Mobile Clinics

Endeavor is honored to support the Permian Strategic Partnership’s (PSP) partnership with Texas Tech and Caring Foundation and their recent efforts to expand access to healthcare in rural areas while increasing community engagement opportunities for greater healthcare results. A product of these efforts is the Mobile Clinic initiative, which when complete, will consist of two vans that will provide preventative care across the Permian Basin for those under and uninsured.

  • Workforce Development

Did you know there are currently over 50,000 new workers needed in the Permian Basin?

Alongside Permian Strategic Partnership, Endeavor aims to contribute to the attraction, development, and retention of the local workforce and their families.

Catalyst Program

Permian Strategic Partnership (PSP) is aiming to expand high school and community college training programs and fill gaps in the workforce in the Permian Basin through the all-new Catalyst Program. Launched in May of 2021, we’re proud to support a program that collects crucial data from local oil and gas companies like Endeavor about the highest demand jobs in order to equip those who live and work here to have the skills they need to be successful.

For more on the Catalyst Program, click here.

Hobbs CTE

With the goal of training and preparing a growing future Permian Basin workforce for technical jobs, Endeavor contributed to Permian Strategic Partnership’s (PSP) donation of $10,000,000 that will fund the construction and development of a state of the art regional career technical education (CTE) school. Students at the new school can partake in programs in a range of disciplines including construction, hospitality, STEM, oil and gas, information technology, manufacturing and transportation.

To learn more about this new initiative, click here.

  • Affordable Housing

Demands for multi-family homes and an expanding metro population have led to housing shortages and higher costs of living in the Permian Basin, and consequently, difficulties attracting new workers. PSP is working to increase housing availability and support affordable housing in the region.

Teacher Housing Subsidy / Weidner Homes

Endeavor recently backed Permian Strategic Partnership’s (PSP) venture with Weidner Homes to support the teachers of Midland and Ector Counties – facilitating a 20 percent discount on teacher rent at Weidner owned apartment communities. With the initiative totaling near $1.5 million after Endeavor and PSP’s donation, these community leaders are addressing the teaching shortage and the high cost of living.

  • Safer Roads

Endeavor supports Permian Strategic Partnership’s mission to support high-quality roads in the region by identifying road infrastructure initiatives that can be accelerated through the power of public-private partnerships, as well as address safety and volume concerns with realistic and innovative solutions.

Permian Basin First Responder Equipment

Permian Strategic Partnership (PSP) and Endeavor are dedicated to providing first responders with enhanced lifesaving equipment and reducing traffic related injuries and fatalities across the Permian Basin. To prioritize their safety, Endeavor has donated to PSP’s total of $1.1 million. PSP has also supported advocacy efforts resulting in an increase of approximately $1 billion in state and federal funding for roadway improvements in West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico.

To learn more, click here.