Endeavor Employees Volunteer to Build Homes for Deserving Families in Midland

Endeavor Employees Volunteer to Build Homes for Deserving Families in Midland

14:54 06 October in Company Service

For three consecutive years, Endeavor employees have come together to leave a lasting impact on local families by volunteering with Midland Habitat for Humanity. This year’s volunteer opportunity was no exception! After two weeks onsite, the company’s service project has come to a close with two home builds underway and approximately 860 hours of time donated by nearly 300 employees.

Just ahead of the holiday season, Endeavor supported Midland Habitat by raising walls, installing trusses, fascia, banding, and soffit, and decking the roof for two homes in the Cloverdale Development. Employees also built additional walls in the Habitat warehouse, constructed furniture for the Habitat ReStore, and assembled holiday cards for the Habitat office.

“Endeavor continues to provide unique opportunities for our employees to give back to the community, and it’s exciting to see the company’s passion and enthusiasm for serving others,” said Endeavor Land Manager Wesley Robertson. “Our time and efforts are truly an investment that will change the lives of families for generations to come through home ownership. We are grateful to support the lifechanging work of Midland Habitat.”


Midland Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that has provided housing to over 700 people in the Midland community. Homeowners make house payments to Habitat with a 0% interest, 25-year mortgage. The organization aims to support low-income families through its mission to provide affordable homes while building strength, stability and self-reliance.

For more information, please visit the Midland Habitat for Humanity website at www.habitatmidland.org and go by the Habitat ReStore to shop and support.

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