Relieving Hunger in Midland

Relieving Hunger in Midland

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Thanks to the generosity of our employees, EER wrapped up another incredible quarterly service event! Nearly 200 employees volunteered approximately 740 hours to relieve hunger in Midland. Our teams served alongside Breaking Bread Kitchen, Senior Life, Midland Soup Kitchen Ministry, and Mission Agape. All of these organizations report record-breaking use of their services due to post-pandemic recovery and inflation. EER provided relief when needed the most in our community!

Our volunteer efforts reached Midland’s homebound by preparing and delivering meals on wheels for Senior Life. Our team served Midland Soup Kitchen clients a warm, hearty meal during lunchtime, and served dinner and hosted Bible studies at Breaking Bread. On Saturday mornings, employees supported Mission Agape, a small referral-only food pantry in Midland, which provides clients with delicious, quality brand food items.

“Words cannot express how much of a blessing it was to host EER at our ministry in August! For the entire month, the team arrived with smiles on their faces and a mission in their hearts ready to serve our patrons. We believe EER’s outreach to help the Midland community is so admirable, and we are honored that 100 of them decided to support our organization. When their service ended, they were missed by all who they encountered, and we hope to see them back very soon!” — Midland Soup Kitchen Ministry Executive Director Nancy Ivy

“Having the Endeavor team deliver meals and share greetings to our homebound seniors was immeasurable! The social connections and friendly smiles brought so much joy to those served. We are grateful for Endeavor employees who understand the importance of giving back and instilling a sense of philanthropy as a cornerstone in our community. Thank you for making your time with Meals on Wheels a wonderful experience for all!” — Senior Life Midland Director of Development and Marketing Tracy Renton


Collectively, we served more than 2,400 warm meals in our community. Thank you to Breaking Bread Kitchen, Senior Life, Midland Soup Kitchen Ministry, and Mission Agape for the opportunity to help combat food insecurity in our community!

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