Author: Erin Vito

Permian Basin First Responder Equipment

26 August in Permian Strategic Partnership, PSP Featured, PSP Safer Roads

Permian Strategic Partnership (PSP) and Endeavor are dedicated to providing first responders with enhanced lifesaving equipment and reducing traffic related injuries and fatalities across the Permian Basin. To prioritize their safety, Endeavor has donated to PSP’s total of $1.1 million. PSP has also supported advocacy...

Teacher Housing Subsidy / Weidner Homes

26 August in Permian Strategic Partnership, PSP Affordable Housing, PSP Featured

Endeavor recently backed Permian Strategic Partnership’s (PSP) venture with Weidner Homes to support the teachers of Midland and Ector Counties – facilitating a 20 percent discount on teacher rent at Weidner owned apartment communities. With the initiative totaling near $1.5 million after Endeavor and PSP’s...